A surprise pregnancy can feel like a rollercoaster. The emotions can pull your heart up and down until you want to unbuckle and get off the ride. 

Abortion might seem like the way to make that happen. But, if you are considering abortion in Missouri, you should know that your insurance likely won’t cover the cost for your girlfriend. 

Insurance typically only covers medical costs for those with a legal relationship, such as a marriage or domestic partnership. It’s also possible that since abortion is banned in Missouri, an insurance company won’t cover out-of-state abortion costs. 

However, every insurance plan differs, so speaking to your insurance company can provide specific coverage details.

How Much Does an Abortion Cost?

Without insurance, an abortion can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. On average, the abortion pill costs more than $500. Surgical procedures can be more expensive, depending on the age of your pregnancy.

You must also factor in travel costs since you cannot legally have an abortion in the state. Add in gas, travel expenses, any time off work, and charges for follow-up appointments.

How Can You Help Your Girlfriend?

There are other ways you can help your girlfriend during this time. You can connect her with local resources and research insurance options. No matter what she chooses for her pregnancy, she does need medical coverage for her health and safety.

Your support and listening can also go a long way. Sometimes partners aren’t looking for a solution but want to be heard, seen, and loved as they navigate this new territory.

Free Pregnancy Services at Our Center

While we do not refer for or provide abortions, we offer no-cost, early pregnancy services at the Pregnancy Help Center of South County. 
We can provide your girlfriend with no-cost pregnancy testing, ultrasound, information, peer counseling, and resources. Contact us to schedule an appointment. We’re here for you both.