Frequently Asked Questions

At what point should I schedule an appointment?

If you have made a decision to have sex.  We recommend you make an appointment if you have any pregnancy questions, you are not sure about STD’s or might think you are pregnant. For more information on abortion, adoption, parenting, and pregnancy tests click here.

Will my visit be confidential?

Absolutely. our center has a very strict confidentiality policy. We will not tell anyone about your visit unless you give us permission to. When you arrive, we will do all that we can to make sure your visit is private and confidential. If you are concerned about confidentiality, please contact us to help you set up a safe time to come in. The Pregnancy Help Center will confidentially protect your information except for under the following circumstances:  if you are homicidal, suicidal, under age and being abused, or abusing someone else. In cases such as these, we are required by state law to report such instances.

Do I need an appointment?Young Woman With Pregnancy & Abortion Questions

Walk-ins may be possible for pregnancy tests. If there is an available appointment we will work with you. In order to minimize your wait time, you may schedule for an appointment.

Should I bring anything to my appointment?

The Pregnancy Help Center asks that you bring a photo ID with you to your appointment.

Does it cost anything?

All services are Free and Confidential.  We want to give you a place to think and talk about your situation.

Do you offer ultrasounds (sonograms)? 

Yes, we offer limited obstetrical ultrasounds to our clients by appointment.

Can I bring my boyfriend with me?

Yes, you can bring your boyfriend or a friend.  We will talk with you privately for a moment, then your boyfriend or friend will be able to join.

I don’t have insurance, what do I do?

Call to set up an appointment to discuss what your options may be and any pregnancy questions you might have.