Making a pregnancy decision can be difficult, and wondering what procedures are covered by insurance can make things more complicated. If your girlfriend is considering abortion, she may not be aware of whether her insurance covers the procedures like the abortion pill.

Missouri law prevents abortion coverage from being part of a health insurance policy, meaning that insurance plans do not cover abortion pill costs. 

Moreover, Medicaid will not cover the costs of the abortion pill. Missouri has banned nearly all abortions, with exceptions for medical emergencies. Women can seek abortion procedures in states like Illinois or Kansas. 


Generally, the abortion pill will cost women around $500, though costs will vary based on the individual location. There are other costs you should consider, including:

  • Pregnancy testing and ultrasounds
  • Medications
  • Post-abortion care
  • Pain management 
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Time off from work

As you can see, many extra expenses can crop up, which may be unexpected. The abortion pill can also result in unforeseen complications, such as incomplete abortion, which require additional treatment and financial resources.

What is more, if women miss the cut-off for a medical abortion procedure, they may need to have a surgical abortion. This procedure is more costly, with an average price of $500-3,000. 

What To Do Before Any Pregnancy Decision

Regardless of your girlfriend’s pregnancy decision, she’ll want to ensure her health is in order. She should have a physical exam performed by a medical provider and provide a complete health history.

She should also have an obstetric ultrasound performed, which can reveal essential pregnancy information such as:

Learning these details will help her to make a well-researched decision. Our center provides limited obstetrical ultrasounds at no cost. 

Learn About Her Options

If your girlfriend wants more information about her pregnancy options, including adoption, abortion, and parenting, the Pregnancy Help Center of South County is here for her. Our Peer Counselors can provide the options education she needs. 

To learn more about our no-cost, private services, contact us today.