If you’re feeling pressured into choosing abortion, there are three important things to know:

  1. Your mental health depends on you making your own pregnancy decision, free from the pressure of others. 
  2. You have time to figure things out, and the best way to make your own pregnancy decision is to learn all you can about your options.
  3. Your pregnancy choice is yours alone to make.

This article will explore strategies you can take to ensure you’re making your own pregnancy decision. However, if you want to talk to someone about your options and find a safe space to ask questions, contact Pregnancy Help Center. All appointments and resources are at no cost to you and confidential. 

Learn All You Can About Your Pregnancy Options

Only you can decide how to proceed in your pregnancy, and learning all you can about each choice will help you determine which option is best. 

Your pregnancy options include parenting, adoption, and abortion. When thinking about these choices, asking yourself the following questions can help:

  • Which option am I leaning toward and why?
  • Why am I leaning toward this option? Is it due to circumstances or how I feel in my heart?
  • How might I feel if I choose abortion? Adoption? Parenting? 
  • What might my life look like if I choose each of these options?

Consider Which Option Makes the Most Sense for You

It’s critical to know that you don’t have to figure everything out right this second. You owe it to yourself to take the time to really understand how you feel about each option; this will help you make a fully informed, thoughtful decision.

When thinking about which option makes the most sense for you, the most important question to ask yourself is this: If I could choose any option without taking into account my circumstances or the opinion of others, how would I move forward?

If you’re leaning toward parenting but think that this option would be impossible given your current situation, it’s important to remember that circumstances change. What feels impossible right now can get better by taking small steps in the right direction. Don’t let your current situation dictate where you want to be in the future.

You’re Not Alone

While only you can determine how to move forward in your pregnancy, you’re not alone as you navigate this process. At Pregnancy Help Center of South County, we’re here for you. 

Contact us today to learn about all the ways we’re here to help.