If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion, you may be curious about the costs you might face. The truth is, there’s no black-and-white answer and the costs associated with abortion depend largely on your unique situation, health conditions, and the gestational age of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Help Center South County is here to help you understand the costs associated with abortion and the pregnancy options available to you!

How much does an abortion cost?

On average, an abortion could cost anywhere from $500 (for first-trimester abortions) or $3,000 for abortions accessed later on in pregnancy.

As we said, the cost of an abortion depends on factors like the gestational age of your pregnancy, your health conditions, and whether or not you experience any complications following your procedure.

Will my insurance pay for an abortion?

In short, it’s very unlikely your abortion will be covered by insurance in the state of Missouri.

State law says that those covered under public insurance plans will only be eligible for coverage if the abortion is needed in cases of life endangerment. The same goes for those covered under private insurance policies unless a rider has been purchased to add abortion coverage ahead of time.

How much does an ultrasound cost and why do I need one? 

Receiving an ultrasound scan is an important step in gathering information on your pregnancy options, especially if you’re considering abortion.

Not only will you learn the gestational age of your pregnancy and understand your eligibility for various abortion procedures, but you’ll also learn whether you have any serious health conditions that could lead to abortion complications. 

While ultrasounds typically cost around $250 near St. Louis, they are provided at no cost to you at Pregnancy Help Center South County for those who receive a positive pregnancy test at our clinic! 

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