“Mom, Dad, I’m pregnant…” 

These words can feel like the stuff of nightmares if you’re experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, if you think the news of your pregnancy will be met with any negative emotions from your parents, this conversation can feel extremely nerve-wracking.

As you prepare to break the news, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone — in fact, millions of women have walked in your shoes before, and your friends at Pregnancy Help Center are here to support you each step of this journey! 

We’ve helped empower countless women who have faced unexpected pregnancies, and today, we’re equipping you with four steps to take as you prepare to tell your parents you are pregnant.

1. Confirm your pregnancy 

Before you even begin to stress about this conversation, it’s important that you confirm your pregnancy with lab-quality pregnancy testing and an ultrasound scan. 

Perhaps you’ve already taken an at-home pregnancy test. While that’s a great first step, we recommend that you follow up with medical-grade testing through your local pregnancy clinic. This testing will provide you with accurate and up-to-date results and will be followed by an ultrasound scan to confirm that your pregnancy is viable and provide you with information on your health, the health of the pregnancy, and your potential due date.

If you are pregnant with a viable pregnancy, consider bringing a printout of your ultrasound scan with you when you tell your parents. Seeing the ultrasound may make the information you’re sharing more real and could help your parents develop sympathy for you and what you’re experiencing.

The Pregnancy Help Center provides pregnancy testing and ultrasound scans at no cost to you! Schedule your free appointment today. 

2. Gather information on your options

You may already have an idea of which pregnancy option — between parenting, abortion, or adoption — you want to pursue. Before you discuss your pregnancy with your parents, take time to learn what you can about the options available to you.

Pregnancy Help Center provides free options counseling and will be here to answer all of your questions regarding your pregnancy options. If you’re worried about having the resources to parent, are unsure how the adoption process works, or have questions about the risks related to abortion, we are here for you!

While your conversation with your parents will provide you with further insight into the help and support you’ll have, it’s important to consider the other resources available through your community and through Pregnancy Help Center.

Coming prepared with this information will show your parents you’re taking this seriously and will empower you as you express your hopes for your pregnancy.

3. Express yourself

While you may feel intimidated discussing this topic with your parents, it’s important that you express how you’re feeling. Are you scared? Are you worried? Are you hopeful?

Before your conversation, take time to explore your feelings and then share these emotions with your parents. Inviting them into this process can help them feel more connected to you and will give them insight into what you need during this time. 

If you feel as though you’ve deceived your parents in some way leading up to this point, express that too. Perhaps you feel the need to ask for forgiveness or acceptance. The act of asking for forgiveness could go a long way in this conversation or could be a step in the right direction.  

Please note that while vulnerability can be helpful in some relationships, we recognize that not all families provide a safe space for emotions to be felt and heard. If you feel as though your parents may respond with extreme anger or if your home is not a safe environment, take time to discuss your situation with our caring team.

4. Give your parents space to process 

It’s important to remember that your parents may take time to digest the news and move past the initial shock. As they respond, try to remain calm and give them space and time to process. The hope is that eventually they will accept the news and seek to support you however they can on your journey.

Need support during this time? Pregnancy Help Center is here for you! 

Unexpected pregnancies can come with all sorts of questions, worries, and what-ifs. Pregnancy Help Center is here to help you as you walk through this process and invite your family into your story.

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