As you consider how to handle your unplanned pregnancy, you quickly realize each choice involves a certain amount of loss. There is a way to reduce the loss. Open adoption offers the opportunity to communicate with your child and their adoptive family, while abortion ends any possibility of a future relationship.

Why Would Anyone Choose Adoption Over Abortion?

There are so many misunderstandings about adoption. Women hear phrases like “giving up” or “giving away,” which sounds like they aren’t taking responsibility. 

On the contrary, a woman who places her child for adoption is planning a better future for them. It is a difficult, courageous, and selfless decision to put your child’s needs first. 

Another misunderstanding is that strangers raise her child. Nothing can be further from the truth. With an open or semi-open adoption plan, a woman reviews the bios of potential adoptive couples and selects the perfect ones to be parents. She even has the opportunity to meet them before the baby is born. They will not be strangers.

Isn’t Adoption Emotionally Painful?

Choosing adoption can be a painful experience emotionally. You want to work with a reputable adoption agency that counsels you thoroughly so you know if adoption is the best choice. You can change your mind about the adoption before signing the finalization papers, which doesn’t happen until after your child is born. 

Abortion can also be a painful emotional experience. Plus, there is a potential for physical side effects and health risks. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) published an article examining different studies of the mental health effects of abortion. It concluded:

  1. “Abortion is consistently associated with elevated rates of mental illness compared to women without a history of abortion.”
  2. “The abortion experience directly contributes to mental health problems for at least some women.”
  3. “There are no findings of mental health benefits associated with abortion.”

How Do You Prevent Depression With Adoption?

Mental health professionals know there is potential for emotional side effects like depression for both abortion and adoption.

Adoption agencies provide counseling throughout the adoption process. When working with a licensed, professional agency, an expectant mother or birth mother chooses her adoption plan, the adoptive parents, and the amount of communication she wishes to have with her child. She is in control.

Many agencies provide ongoing emotional support after the placement of her child. They recognize the difficulty of this decision.

Due to time constraints, abortion clinics cannot offer in-depth counseling regarding a woman’s decision. They must explain abortion procedures, offer information on other options, and obtain informed consent to ensure there is no coercion. 

After the Supreme Court decision last summer, Missouri banned all abortions. It is, therefore, necessary to travel, which limits the ability to receive counseling and make a later decision.

Is Abortion or Adoption Right For You?

Only you can decide which option is best. No one can legally force you to make one choice over another. 

Why not get more detailed information about both options before deciding? We can provide information about abortion procedures, side effects, and possible risks. In addition, we offer referrals to reputable adoption agencies in our area that can answer your adoption questions. 
Schedule a no-cost private conversation to discuss all of your pregnancy options. We’re here to help you make an empowered choice for your future.