Staring down at a positive pregnancy can be frightening, especially if the pregnancy was not planned. Thinking about what to do and how to handle an unplanned pregnancy can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. 

Is abortion the only option? Should you keep the pregnancy a secret or share it with your friends and family? 

Finding the right path forward is not one-size-fits-all. And the good news is, you have other options besides abortion. 

What Are My Options?

If you’ve had an abortion before and don’t want another one, you have options. If you are simply interested in exploring all your options before choosing the one that’s best for you, you’ve come to the right place. 

Besides abortion, women have the option to choose adoption or parenting. Here’s what each of those options might look like for you. 


Like everything, adoption comes with a list of pros and cons. Some pros include that adoption is a free solution for the birth mother. In fact, many birth mothers are compensated for medical bills, housing, and clothing during their pregnancy. Choosing adoption also means giving your child a chance to thrive in a loving family. 

Some cons of the adoption process include experiencing a period of grief for your pregnancy and child. While not every mother will struggle with this, it’s a good idea to have a strong system of support to turn to if you feel sad or depressed after an adoption. 

Taking into account both pros and cons, many women report feeling a sense of achievement and pride after seeing their pregnancy to term during an adoption. 


Choosing to parent your child may seem overwhelming and out of reach, but with the right education and support, most women can become great mothers. 

Local pregnancy centers will often offer free baby clothes and other essentials to help new mothers. They may also provide free educational classes on how to care for a newborn and ways you can prepare for birth. 

Knowledge is powerful, so taking time to learn about becoming a parent is a great way to gain confidence that you can do this.

Making The Right Choice 

As mentioned above, choosing how to handle an unexpected pregnancy will be unique for every woman. 

If you would like more information about the options above, reach out to Pregnancy Help Center. At Pregnancy Help Center, you can also receive no-cost pregnancy testing and ultrasound to gain important information about your pregnancy. 

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