You can buy practically anything on the internet these days. Toasters. Cars. Food. It’s amazing and so easy. Before you make an online purchase, you usually read the reviews, don’t you? Does it have a good rating? What are the comments? You want to understand as much as possible before you pay. These are the 3 things to know if you are considering a mail-order abortion.

Now it’s possible to purchase the abortion pill online. With a medical decision as serious as this, you should learn as much as possible before you purchase a mail-order abortion. Are there risks? What should you expect? Before placing your order, here are three things you should know first. 

  1. How Far Along Are You In Your Pregnancy?

You need to know the date you got pregnant. Even though many women track their cycles with a period app, they don’t usually know when ovulation happens. 

To order the abortion pill, you need to know the first day of your last menstrual period. Why is it so important?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the abortion pill up to 70 days of pregnancy or less. The Mayo Clinic recommends not attempting a medical abortion (the abortion pill) after 63 days. Why? 

The longer you’ve been pregnant, the more likely you are to have a failed abortion with the abortion pill. The best way to tell how far along you are is with ultrasound. An ultrasound in St Louis can range anywhere from $177 to $396. Pregnancy Help Center of South County offers ultrasounds at no cost to you.

  1. It’s Possible You’ve Miscarried

The experts at the Mayo Clinic say “about 10 to 20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage.” The actual number could be higher because many women have miscarriages early before they even realize they’re pregnant. 

You can still get a positive result on a pregnancy test even though you’ve miscarried. It takes your body some time to stop producing certain hormones and realize it’s no longer pregnant.

How can you find out if you’ve miscarried? The only way is with ultrasound. An ultrasound exam will reveal if your pregnancy is growing normally or you’ve miscarried. You won’t hear a heartbeat if you’ve miscarried or it could be too early in your pregnancy.

  1. You Might Have A Dangerous Ectopic Pregnancy

It’s rare, but sometimes the pregnancy doesn’t end up in the uterus. If this happens, it’s 

called an ectopic pregnancy. The word ectopic means “out of place.”

If the pregnancy stays in the fallopian tubes leading to the uterus, it’s called a tubal pregnancy. This type of pregnancy can’t be terminated by the abortion pill. It’s also very dangerous. 

You’re more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy if you smoke, you’re over 35, have had more than one sexual partner (which may mean an STI), or you have scars in your pelvic area due to a ruptured appendix or other surgery.

Once again, the best way to determine if your pregnancy is located in the correct area is with an ultrasound. 

Be Prepared Beforehand

If you’re considering ordering the abortion pill through the mail, you have to meet with a health care provider. Your appointment can either be in person or with a doctor who offers telemedicine. 

The abortion pill method in St. Louis can cost anywhere from $550 to $700 so you’ll want to be sure you’ve got all the information you need ahead of time. Schedule a free appointment with the Pregnancy Help Center of South County. 

Just like anything else you order online, make sure you have the facts first. Call, text, or fill out our online contact form. We’ll be back with you as soon as possible. You and your health are important to us.