Guy Thinking About His Girlfriend Pregnant & Teen Fatherhood

She’s pregnant, now what?

This is a difficult time for the mom and the dad, we are to help everyone.  Men are important during the pregnancy and after.  If you are not sure what to do, or are feeling uneasy about the situation please give us a call.  We will sit down with both of you, and help discuss your options.

Teen Fatherhood:

Is your girlfriend pregnant, are you in high school or just graduated?  You might be confused or frustrated about what to do.  We want you to understand that those feelings are normal.  You might have experienced a rush of emotions causing you to feel scared, happy, sad, afraid, worried, or excited.  The good news is that you’re not alone.  The woman carrying your baby is most likely feeling the same way that you are.

What’s the next step?

Talk to the mother about setting an appointment
Get more information
Talk with an adult
Seek professional help
What is expected of the father?
Do you tell your family?

Contact us if you have questions about what you should do if your girlfriend is pregnant.

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